Who: Pier Paolo Raffa is an Italian Architect specialised on Museums and Cultural Heritage Projects. His roles ranged from Concept Developer to Designer and Project Manager, and he also acted as a consultant for Institutional Clients in the field of Cultural Heritage Projects on an international scale. Pier Paolo Raffa began his career as  Architect and Museography lecturer at the University of Palermo (Italy), with on-field professional experience dating back to 1992.

What: PPR’s fields of expertise are Concept development, Design, Project Management, Logistics, Technical implementation, Engineering, Strategy, Planning and Budgeting for Museums, Exhibitions, and Cultural Heritage Projects. His work ranged from low-budget and small-scale to major institutional and large-scale international public and private projects.  Pier Paolo Raffa is also a highly skilled and experienced photographer to the extent that many of his institutional projects have been based upon, and designed around his own photographic research.

History: As a result of his multidisciplinary background and his international studies, PPR enjoys a rich set of professional experiences and a deep knowledge in the diverse and complex fields of museums and exhibitions, ranging from small projects to the largest museum in the world. He has extensive experience in the areas of strategic development, marketing and recovery of cultural heritage on an international scale: from vision to financing, from teaching to technical realization. His expertise embraces any aspect of a cultural heritage project.

Where: Work experience in Europe, North-Africa and the Middle East since 1992. He is currently based in Egypt.

Cover photo: The Young Tuthankamun. Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Ph: ©PPR 2017